Google Analytics: Tools for Displaying Your Website Statistics

If you have a website that is used for business, online selling media or also with blog content, but are confused about how to understand the concept of attracting traffic or visitors to our website?. Well, one of them to find out that way is that you have to know about Google Analytics. This Google Analytics application can be accessed through the page

Maybe there are many digital entrepreneurs who know about Google Analytics but not many understand about this tool from Google. Because the most difficult part is to understand Google Analytics more deeply because the menu is quite complex so it makes online business people and bloggers find it a little difficult. Therefore, let’s discuss about Google Analytics further.

Google Analytics is a free service from Google that displays visitor statistics on a website. By using Google Analytics, users of this tool can generate reports on website or blog traffic on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.

We can also compare the traffic on our website from time to time. To register for Google Analytics, you only need to have a Google account. So Google analytics is a must-have tool for website owners to monitor traffic that enters their website. So far, are you sure you have to have this tool? If not, here are many other features that must be known.

In addition to monitoring website traffic, this platform also provides various data about the performance of a site. Starting from where the traffic sources, popular content, visitor demographic data and others.

By knowing these data, you as a website owner will certainly find it easier to develop your business in the right direction. In addition, this tool can also search for visitor information from search engines, advertisements, email, pay per click networks, and also links in PDF documents.

If you are an advertiser on Google Adwords services, Google Analytics can be useful for analyzing the effectiveness of Google Adwords ads placed on Google. So you can find out what ads and keywords are referring the most to your website pages. That way, it will be easier for you to find keywords for your ad.

In Google Analytics there is also a conversion report. Well the conversion report here is everything you want your website visitors to do. Here we will divide into two conversions, namely macro conversion and micro conversion.

Shorten those macro conversions that have an impact on your business, such as transactions. And this micro-conversion is where the visitor doesn’t have a monetary impact but can be a phase of interaction to increase trust, for example downloading a company profile. The report that you can get from this conversion is to track the process of the transaction, how long does it take? Until through what media?

For an online business, how does performance effectiveness on the cart work? What products are often added to the cart? Google Analytics to find out all the activities that occur on our website uses tracking javascript that is inserted on the website.

So Google Analytics is highly recommended for digital entrepreneurs, especially those who use paid traffic as a way to increase revenue, not only that Google Analytics is also recommended for bloggers. With this tool you can use the information obtained from Google Analytics to get to know the characteristics of blog readers. As a result, visitors will feel more comfortable to linger because they get the best experience.

How Important is SEO for Your Website

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an effort to optimize websites to get top rankings in search results. By ranking highly in search results, your potential for organic traffic increases.

Apart from generating high organic traffic, SEO will also help you get the right traffic. So you don’t just focus on high traffic, but also the right traffic according to the main purpose of your website.

To be able to get high traffic that is right on target, you need to follow the rules that have been determined by search engines, in this case Google. You need to know how SEO works, Google algorithms, and key SEO indicators. You will learn all of them in later chapters below.

Why is SEO important for websites?

Since the existence of search engines such as Google, almost everyone searches for information online through search engines. From data published by Google, websites that rank first to third get a total cumulative click of more than 50 percent. The first rank alone received more than 20 percent.

This shows how important SEO is for your website, with the help of SEO you can get thousands to tens of thousands of visitors per day. More than that, visitors from search engines are people who are hungry for information and want to buy products. If you have an online business, visitors from search engines will have the greatest conversion rates.

SEO is part of inbound marketing which is a modern marketing technique in the digital era. Inbound marketing, including SEO, is a marketing method that costs the least compared to traditional marketing techniques.

Main Goals of SEO

Whereas the main purpose of SEO, which we can see and understand from the clear understanding and definition of what SEO is on the Indonesian Wikipedia, is related to traffic, which is to focus on increasing traffic.

The main SEO goals are the following:

Increase Traffic Volume of Internet User Visits

So that as many visitors as possible come to our website by being the most clicked. As Google emphasizes that web pages that have better content and accurate SEO techniques work, will get high rankings.

Improving the Quality of Traffic for Your Prospective Consumers' Product or Service Visits

As many of these visitors as possible are visitors who are targeted according to the keywords you will choose, so that traffic / visitor traffic / visits that come really need and are looking for what you have to offer on your site. This creates quality traffic to your site.

Maintaining Both Types of Traffic Above Continuously

As you understand, with the right keyword research and a good SEO process, good search rankings are achieved, then the three main SEO goals above will be easily achieved.

What should you learn?

There are several main components in SEO, these components will consider how good your website is SEO. This section is also what determines the order of ranking in search engine search results.

Here’s what you need to learn to master SEO:

Optimizing web pages
Keyword research
Analyze the competition
Creating optimized content
Build popularity, links and reputation
Carry out audits of SEO performance