How Do Search Engines Work?

As we know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an effort to optimize a website on search engines to get the first rank in search results. The search engines also use certain algorithms to sort websites based on ranking. So we need to understand how to practice SEO by adjusting our website, so that it can be friendly with the algorithm. Therefore we need to know how “How does SEO work?”.

  1. Crawl

Crawling is a process of collecting information from all web pages that are linked to the website. So from one page to another, from one link to another. This process is the initial stage of search engine optimization work. This task is performed by software called crawlers in the Google search engine.

  1. Indexing

After that the next process is indexing. Basically the indexing process is the identification of the words and writings that make the page enter into the search engine database with certain keywords. So after the crawling process, the web crawler will save the information into the database or in the entry list: index. Therefore Crawling and Indexing are two things that cannot be separated in the SEO process on search engines.

  1. Processing

Now this processing is done after the search engine receives a request from the user, for example by typing the keyword “selling a car” in the search engine, then the search engine or search engine performs the process by comparing the keyword “selling a car” into a search query with other web pages from various sites, which have been indexed in search engine databases or search engines.

  1. Calculating Relevancy

On one page, the website must have more number of keywords entered into the search engine. For example, on the keyword or keyword “What is SEO”, the search engine will carry out the process by calculating the relevance or relevance of each website page that has been indexed for each accepted keyword.

  1. Retrieving Result

The last step is to take the most relevant results from keywords or keywords that have been processed previously. Then displayed in the list of search engine results or search engines in the browser. Now the results will be ranked and displayed sequentially, based on the most suitable or most relevant search.

Every year search engines such as Google and Yahoo often update dozens of algorithms related to relevance techniques in displaying search results. All of this is done so that the search results displayed actually display accurate and relevant results according to the keywords being searched for or inputted. Although basically the search system on the search engine / search engine is the same, but what distinguishes it is the relevance algorithm used, which ultimately causes the search engine results on Google, Yahoo, etc. to be slightly different. The algorithms on these search engines ensure that people can get the most relevant information from trusted sources.

Those are some things that can be learned about How Seo Works. You can start implementing SEO from now on because SEO is a very important tool to increase website visibility and can also get a lot of traffic if you are struggling in the business world so that it can bring in many customers or buyers who visit your website.

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