5 Best SEO Company

Are you looking for the best SEO services to increase visitor traffic on your web pages? Or do you want to understand more about SEO and how it works? How can SEO help your business?

If these questions are running through your mind, then you have come to the right place. We want to explain to you everything you need to know about SEO and the best professional SEO services that can help you.

What is SEO?

Before we discuss further about how to SEO works, you must understand what SEO means itself. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of optimizing your web pages so that your web pages can appear higher in search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Hopefully, your web page will get more visitor traffic because of this.

SEO aims to increase traffic to your website visitors. In this case, the targeted visitor traffic is organic traffic. In contrast to paid traffic, organic traffic is website visitor traffic that comes from clicking on your website links after appearing in search results. Paid traffic comes from ad clicks that go to your website.

How Does SEO Work?

The SEO process that can be carried out by SEO article services involves making changes to several things on your website. These changes are usually related to the design of your website and the content you include on your website. These changes are intended to make the website more attractive to search engines so that your website will appear at the very top when a search is carried out on that search engine.

As we know, search engines like Google want to provide the best service for its users. This means that these search engines will try to provide the best search results to their users. The search results must be of good quality. However, the results must also be relevant to what the user is looking for.

To provide the best results to users, search engines will scan web pages on the internet. The scan is carried out to understand the content of those web pages. This process will help search engines to provide relevant search results according to the keywords searched by its users.

In addition to assessing the relevance of scanned web pages, search engines will also assess the quality of the content contained in these web pages. Web pages that are rated as having easy-to-understand or user-friendly content will appear higher in search results.

What are the Benefits of SEO?

After knowing the definition of SEO and how it works, you should know the benefits of SEO for you. By knowing the benefits of SEO, you will be increasingly convinced that SEO is a wise investment for you.

There are many benefits that SEO can offer for your business. Through SEO, you can increase the visibility of your website on search engines so that website visitors will increase.

Of course, increasing the number of website visitors will be very profitable for you. If you have a product selling business that has a website with high visitor traffic, then you can reach more potential customers with the help of SEO. Your product will be sold more if people see your product more and more.

Besides being profitable for product business owners, SEO can also be beneficial for those who have blogs. The articles on your blog will be more and more visited by people. This will certainly provide many advantages for you.

Therefore, it is undeniable that SEO is one of the best investments you can make. You just need to find the best Indonesian SEO services to help you.

What are the Factors That Can Affect SEO?

Apart from knowing what SEO is and how it works, you should also know the factors that might affect SEO. That way, you will understand the SEO process more deeply.

When someone searches on a search engine, search results will appear in the form of web pages that will have a ranking or order in the search results. Big search engines like Google have their own algorithm to determine the ranking of web pages on the internet.

The algorithm is not known for sure. However, there are indeed several factors that can affect your website’s ranking in search results. These factors include:

1. Content Marketing

Content is the most important thing when you want your web page to be visited by many people. The more quality and relevant the content on your website, the higher your ranking in search results.

One of the most important things to think about when you’re creating content is SEO keywords and phrases. You have to make sure that you enter these keywords correctly in the articles you create. This will help your website appear higher in search results.

2. On-Page Factors

On-page factors are factors within your website. These are factors that you can modify and control. This includes things like title tags, meta descriptions, sub-headings, and internal links to your articles. By modifying this, you are already in the SEO process. However, it is important to remember that you should not over-optimize your articles. For example, when you place too many keywords in your article, Google or other search engines will notice and penalize you.

3. Off-Page Factors

Off-page factors are factors outside of your website. You cannot directly control these factors. However, there are things you can do to make sure these factors work in your favour.

Some of the off-page factors that can affect SEO include trust, links, and social signals. Trust is the legitimacy of the website. You can build that trust through quality backlinks from sites that have authority.

Backlinks can help your website to get more visitors. However, you must be careful not to spam with links on your website. This can actually make your site blocked by search engines.

Social signals can be obtained from the interaction of your website visitors. Examples of social signals are likes and shares. The more articles on your web page are liked and shared, the more visitors to your website.

White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

There are two types of SEO approaches that companies that offer SEO services can take, including white hat SEO and black hat SEO. Both approaches aim to optimize a website so that it appears higher in search results. However, the two have different methods.

White hat SEO is an approach that is quite effective in optimizing your website. This SEO method ensures that your website appears higher in search results. In addition, this method also ensures that your website becomes a durable and reliable web page so that your online business can continue to thrive.

White hat SEO places their focus on website visitors who are human beings who of course will pay attention to the quality and content on the website. Through white hat SEO, the website will be made easier to read so that it will be preferred by many visitors.

This method does all that without forgetting the SEO process it does. Therefore, your web page will get more visitor traffic without compromising the quality of your web page. You can run your online business very well through this method.

Unlike white hat SEO, black hat SEO is an SEO method that can increase website rankings very quickly. This allows you to earn money quickly, but in a short period of time.

Black hat SEO does not focus on humans who are visitors to your web pages. However, this method is more focused on the SEO factor. As a result, website results from black hat SEO often appear ambiguous and may even appear spammy. These web pages will usually be very difficult to understand by anyone who reads them.

This is because the purpose of black hat SEO is simply to ensure that the website appears highest when a search is conducted. This is done without thinking about the quality of the content on the website.

Although the black hat SEO method can increase website rankings quickly, there is a great opportunity for search engines to detect anomalies in the web page (Unnatural). As a result, many of the black hat SEO web pages are blocked or penalized by search engines.

Best SEO Company in USA

There are at least 5 of the best SEO company in USA. You can use this information as the best reference to determine an SEO company that suits your business needs.

1. WebFX

The first recommended SEO agency in USA is WebFX. It’s not without reason that we put WebFX at the top of the list of the best SEO company in USA. Yes, consisting of hundreds of SEO and digital marketing experts, WebFX has helped many of its clients in increasing business prospects and profits.

WebFX promises the best results for each of its clients. They emphasize that by using their services, the business run by their clients can ‘overtake’ the competitors’ businesses. In other words, WebFX is ready to help your business in the digital competition ‘against’ outside competitors.

As mentioned above, not only SEO matters, WebFX also provides various services related to digital marketing. Remembering, the implementation of SEO and digital marketing is an inseparable unit.

2. Ignite Visibility

The second SEO agency recommendation is Ignite Visibility. Ignitite Visibility is known to be located in San Diego, California. By having a work team of 90+ employees, this SEO company has presented its best works for its clients. The best works in question are website optimization through SEO techniques and digital marketing through various ‘containers’, including social media.

Ignitite Visibility is known to have served hundreds of well-known clients (companies) from various countries, such as Tony Robbins, The Knot World Wide, National Funding, The General, 5 Hour Energy and others.

No wonder Ignitite Visibility is also the best SEO company in the world. He has received a number of prestigious awards from various organizers.

3. Sure Oak

Sure Oak can also be relied on as the best SEO service provider in America, even the world. The company, which is located in New York, promises to help realize the dreams of business people to achieve resounding success, through SEO strategies.

The team of developers who are members of Sure Oak works by paying attention to the latest Google algorithms. As is known, the application of good SEO techniques is to adjust Google’s algorithms. Meanwhile, Google’s algorithm continues to change or develop from time to time. Therefore, it is important for the development team to adapt to Google’s algorithm while carrying out its ‘noble task’.

Not only SEO matters, Sure Oak also provides other services that are still related to website optimization. These include: content creation, link building (premium) and digital marketing.

Sure Oak promises an increase in organic traffic while using its services. This is very important for business development and increasing sales figures.

4. SmartSites

Smartsites is arguably the fastest growing SEO company in America. How not, this SEO company has worked for many clients from companies in America, as well as outside USA.

SmartSites has a vision of ‘hard work’ and always provides innovation in digital terms. They come with the main focus of website optimization with SEO techniques.
This American SEO company once ‘discovered’ quite an astonishing fact. What are the facts? SmartSites stated that 97 percent of its clients are satisfied and happy to work with them.

The reason they are satisfied and happy to work with SmartSites is not just about the expected results. Yes, this SEO company with the fastest development in America always delivers results that ‘exceed’ what its clients need and want.
Oh yes, every client is allowed to consult for free regarding website, SEO and digital marketing issues. So, use this opportunity well!

5. Voxturr

The next best SEO agency recommendation in America is Voxturr. This SEO company located in San Diego is famous for offering out of the box digital marketing ideas. No wonder, thanks to these ideas, clients feel happy to work with Voxturr because the business they run brings profits that exceed expectations.

Voxturr has a reliable team of experts according to their respective fields, such as SEO, PPC, social media, website design and many more. They work based on data so that what they develop always achieves the previously planned targets.

Voxturr said that his team of experts had sparked various things related to digital marketing. Interestingly, their work is very fast but with due regard for quality.
Well, if you want to market your business products widely to various countries in the world, Voxturr can be the best solution to reach more customers. How, interested in using this one SEO service?


How to Improve UX and SEO

Ways to improve user experience and optimize websites for search engines have evolved significantly in recent years. This change is primarily a reflection of users’ online behavior (from desktop to mobile) and the adaptation of search engine algorithms to this behavior to provide qualified answers to their audiences (mainly from Google).

However, the old belief remains: you cannot improve UX (User experience) and SEO at the same time. You can have a good looking website with high quality navigation or a search engine compliant website that can rank in search results, but not both. It’s a shame, because the purpose of UX is to increase the value of traffic and the reason for living from SEO is to bring in new traffic.

But is this statement still true in early 2021?

You’ve been spoiled if you read the title of this post

No. Absolutely not!
Why do people say that UX and SEO can’t “live” together?

Here at Best SEO Company Primelis, we believe that UX and SEO are part of the same family. We have worked on hundreds of projects including design and UX goals in addition to SEO topics. We help many brands to redesign their websites without compromising their SEO performance. And we train all our SEO experts for UX considerations so they can incorporate it into their optimization recommendations.

We promote the unification of UX and SEO.

In fact, there’s a specific term you’ve probably seen here and there: SXO. It stands for Search eXperience Optimization and refers to how to improve UX and SEO.

So why do we still often hear that these concepts should not be married?
SEO has a bad reputation when it comes to UX and design.

That’s right: SEO can still scare UX/UI designers and creative teams.

Why? Because back in the early days of SEO (before 2012 which is an important date for SEO, but that’s another topic), a website that is search engine efficient is one with a lot of content and internal links. SEO experts usually ask designers to put hundreds of words at the top of the page and block with dozens of links.

So yeah, a few years ago, when as a website designer you received an SEO recommendation, it wasn’t the best news today. Nowadays, UX and SEO are actually barely compatible.

It’s happy it doesn’t happen again.

But prejudice is hard to die!
Most SEO companies still don’t include UX in their scope of work

If you can definitely improve UX and SEO at the same time, not all SEO experts and companies put user experience in focus in their recommendations. Why?

First, you can still get great SEO results with general UX. As smart as they are, search engine algorithms – even Google – are still bots that love text, long content, links. So yes, a bad website with a bad UX can rank in search engine results… however it depends on the area of ​​the market.

Second, as an SEO consultant, you don’t always work with a brand that attaches great importance to their image and user experience. Some have short-term issues, others will result in a scalable website, and most don’t have the team or budget to focus on user behavior.

Finally, SEO is not always the core topic of website evolution, which is never a good plan but unfortunately often happens. If the client team doesn’t make a bond between UX and SEO, there’s no possibility of explaining recommendations, swapping and finding the best solutions.

This is why Primelis experts are fully aware of UX and the global topics involved in website optimization. We always ask our consultants to be a part of all topics near or far related to SEO. We also include UX (and other topics) in our training process: this way, our experts can talk about user experience and even bring the topic to the table if necessary.

So there are always UX issues in our daily SEO work.

so, how did you finally marry UX and SEO?

That’s the million dollar question. Fortunately, the answer is not too complicated.

But still, not all SEO players know it (or want to say it)!
Beyond mobile first: think mobile only

This is not breaking news: mobile is increasingly being used for online searches on Google and for purchases. In fact, as reported by Search Engine Land, mobile is no longer just the top of the funnel: during the 2020 holiday season, mobile accounted for 39% of online spending (only 13% in 2014).

For the UX team, mobile is key (even for the B2B market), and so is the search engine. Since most of the online traffic is mobile, players like Google or Bing should provide a quality search experience on these devices by showing easy-to-use websites.

Mobile First Index and new Core Web Vitals (launch planned for March and May 2021) from Google are SXO’s top topics for the coming year. By defining the mobile version of a website as a priority for algorithm rating and ranking, and by adding UX criteria in loading performance, Google sets the tone.

All these upcoming evolutions imply to think only for mobile. SEO recommendations such as content optimization or internal linking should be considered in a mobile environment with desktop as the declination. There are more possibilities now to build efficient UX and SEO websites by incorporating technology and design elements. Maximizing UX above the fold and loading navigation items first, using dynamic serving to serve well optimized content depending on the device or creating an AMP/PWA version are just a few topics to keep in mind.

Know what type of content to display in priority

Another important way to focus your UX and SEO efforts together is to identify which elements are truly useful. Fortunately, search engines are quite understanding of user needs and what you have to offer bots is usually similar to what people expect. Identifying the type of content to be assessed on the website pages will then align UX and SEO issues.

Imagine for a moment. Let’s say you want to rank with your website when people search for “leather jackets” on Google. For this query, the user expects to land on a product listing page (a website page that displays all available leather jackets). And because users want to see listing pages, Google will promote those types of pages. So you know which pages to optimize on your website and what people/bots want to find on these pages: product lists, not long text explaining how to choose a leather jacket or videos showing how to clean them. Immediately, UX and SEO issues were aligned: ensuring that products were seen above the fold for people and bots that landed on our pages from search engine results. Of course you can (and you should) make adjustments by adding enriched content on the page, ensuring that the SEO markup is fine, having links to sub-categories, and so on. But all those SEO elements are not the main content that Google expects, so you have more placement options within the page. You can place it where it won’t interfere with the UX and still enjoy its effectiveness in your rankings.

That’s how you do smart SXO optimization; by knowing the needs of the audience and offering the right content.

Still sure UX and SEO aren’t best friends (if you ever thought so)?

Anyway, feel free to contact us at Primelis. We know how to implement great SEO strategies without making your design team nervous.

How to Take Advantage of SEO for Beginners

SEO is Search Engine Optimization is a way to optimize our content to appear in search results rankings of browsers. In short, the existence of SEO helps others to find our content more easily.

In addition, SEO can also be defined as the art and science of making content more attractive to browsers. This is what some well-known companies and content creators have mastered. They use SEO well and maximally so that the content they create can appear in the top rankings. So the audience no longer need to search too hard.

If we are able to use them as well as they do then this will certainly make it easier for us to reach the audience. SEO can be applied to any content that we upload to the internet. The way SEO works itself is to collect as much content as possible according to the keywords that are inputted by the user into the search field.

The content in this case is not only writing. The content in question can also be in the form of videos, images or info-graphics.

How does SEO do this? This will be studied through the five points below.

1. Keywords

The keywords we choose are very influential in the appearance of content in search results using a browser. In addition to having to choose titles and subtitles with the ideal, the words we use must also be easy enough to find through the browser.

In addition, rich keywords can also help to optimize the appearance of content in the browser. However, we must remain specific in writing the title. In addition we are also required to use the right phrase in the title or subtitle.

We should also take advantage of the presence of tags. Using tags doesn’t mean compressing them. Tags are used to input keywords that may be related to the content but cannot be included in the title.

Apart from that all our content is at the heart of it all. Write good content with reasonable relevance.

In the use of keywords we can also take advantage of Geo Targeting. This is adding a description of the name of a place or area with a target so that local audiences can access our content.

In short Geo targeting helps us to get more audience from a region. Because what is being targeted is the value of your closeness as a content creator or your content.

2. Crawler Friendly

In English, what is meant by a crawler in this context is the artificial intelligence used by browsers to filter content that matches keywords. Therefore the content that we create must be crawler friendly.

The goal is that the content can meet the criteria of the browser crawler. The information collected by crawlers is used to rank web pages.

One way to make the content we upload crawler friendly is to minimize subfolders. In addition, if using subfolders, we must also pay attention to the keywords we use in subfolders.

3. Link Development

Link development includes popularity as well as how important the content is. The more often our content is accessed by audiences, the easier it will be for our content to appear in the main sequences in the browser.

There are several advantages if we do link development. One of them is that we are difficult to imitate.

However, the downside is that it takes a long time for the desired content to rank well in browser search results.

Furthermore, what we must also pay attention to is how we optimize the use of blogs and forums. Blogs and forums must be used wisely, so that there is no misuse of links to content.

As content creators we certainly have competitors in this case we need to pay attention to them. Paying attention is meant by observing how other content creators make their content easy to access.

We must also understand the strategies they use. The goal is that our content is not displaced by the presence of competitors’ content.

Online publication is also very important. Starting from sharing our content links to those closest to them to those who really need access to the content. This will further help our content to rank easily for audiences to see.

By publishing online, we only need to copy + paste. That is, we simply copy the desired link into the browser search field.

It’s even easier if we access it via a smartphone. We simply click on the link listed and usually we will automatically be directly connected to the desired content.

So these three ways, maybe you can apply to your content. Who knows the content you create will be useful to many people.

If you feel you can’t apply all three, just apply it gradually. Hopefully it can help for those of you who have difficulty using SEO or for those of you who are just starting to find out about SEO

If you are still having trouble, try to write in the comments column who knows I can help you.

Learn the Latest SEO for Beginners (Update 2021)

There is no stopping to learn SEO. Given the ever-changing Google algorithm, SEO strategies must always be updated. Otherwise, it is difficult to compete on the search page.

Of course you don’t want that to happen to your website, do you?

Well, in this article, we invite you to learn SEO according to the latest Google algorithm. What needs to be learned?

For your convenience, we’ve divided this WordPress SEO tutorial into nine main sections:

  • SEO Basic Concepts
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Website Optimization to be Mobile Friendly
  • Keyword Research
  • Creating Content
  • On-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Link Building
  • Factors Affecting Google Ranking

We have sorted from the easiest discussion. So, even if you are a beginner, you will be able to understand it well.

SEO Basic Concepts

To learn SEO you need to understand the basic concepts first. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a website optimization step to get a top ranking on Google search pages.

Websites that are in the top position will get a large number of quality visitors for free. In fact, the number 1 position in search engines dominates the click results 10 times.

However, because Google keeps the exact ranking technique secret, we can take a peek at some of the main indicators of SEO. First, Google likes fast websites. Second, Google likes useful and relevant articles. And much more.

Website Speed ​​Optimization

Before entering into various other optimizations, in general learning SEO should start from website optimization to make it faster. Because, speed is one of Google’s ranking factors.

Don’t use assumptions. Check using various tools such as Google PageSpeed ​​Insights or GTMetrix. After getting the results, do the optimization as recommended.

If the problem is on the server, make sure the quality of the hosting and the location of the server is optimal. If there is a configuration error or annoying script, fix it immediately. Don’t forget, always enable compression techniques such as Gzip or Brotli.

Ensuring that your website is well-optimized is a prerequisite for getting optimal results

Website Optimization to be Mobile-Friendly

Smartphone users are increasing and internet access is mostly done from mobile devices. Not making your website mobile friendly is a mistake.

Moreover, mobile-friendly websites are prioritized by Google to appear in the top rankings of search results.

How to do this, you can install a responsive website theme. Not only that, don’t forget to use easy-to-read fonts and provide sufficient whitespace. To be more optimal, use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). And, some other tips.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is no less important when learning SEO. Creating content without keyword research is a mistake. Because, keyword research helps you understand what internet users need today.

Some things to consider when doing keyword research are:

Search Volume which shows how many keywords are typed in Google when doing a search. Keyword Difficulty to understand the difficulty level of a keyword is on the first page of search engines.

In addition, there is Keyword Suggestion which is useful for finding keywords that have the same intent. Search results are also important to analyze how competitors can rank at the top.

By doing keyword research, you will know what is best for your website content.

Creating Content

Creating content is a stage in learning SEO after keyword research is done.

To be able to produce quality content there are several conditions that must be met:

First, make sure your content is relevant to the needs of your readers. Otherwise, your blog/website may not be visited. Second, create content that is unique and has a good search volume. Third, provide correct/valid information from reliable sources.

There are many other tips that you can use to make your website articles stand out from the rest.

On-page SEO

More deeply when learning SEO, you must understand On Page SEO. This is an optimization effort that emphasizes improving the internal factors of a website.

Some of these optimization steps are the use of proper permalinks because this is what defines the content of your content. Another tip is to write meta titles and meta descriptions that are relevant to the content but not truncated in search results.

Regarding content, On Page SEO also makes efforts to arrange headings and subheadings correctly and place keywords correctly.

Other On Page SEO optimization efforts are still quite a lot. So, make sure you understand it and use it in your website.

Off-Page SEO

In contrast to On Page SEO, Off Page SEO optimization steps emphasize efforts outside the website itself.

When learning SEO to do Off Page optimization, here are the things you need to pay attention to:

First, get a Brand Mention. This is an effective way to get quality traffic. Google also considers websites that get mentions in the media to get top rankings.

Then, create a Google My Business profile that will make it easier for consumers to find information about your business description, address, hours of operation, photos of your business.

Some other Off Page optimization efforts such as reviews and social media sharing you also need to do properly.

Link Building

Being a part of Off Page SEO, you should not forget about Link Building when learning SEO. Link building is an effort to get links from other websites that point to your website.

Some of the efforts you can do when doing link building are:

Try to get lots of Referring Links to show your website as a credible source of information. In addition to the number, make sure the links you get have relevance to the topic.

Two things are not enough, you also need to build Domain Authority, pay attention to the type of link whether DoFollow or NoFollow, and much more.

Local SEO

There is one more discussion when learning SEO. Especially, if the local market is the target of your business, namely Local SEO.

Local SEO is an effort to always bring up your website in the top rankings on local search engine searches. This step is important considering that 46% of searches are done locally and 29% of them end in a purchase.

Actually, local SEO techniques use almost all of the general SEO techniques above. The difference is, focus on the local market. So you’ll keep building Google My Business, doing keyword research, and more.

Factors Affecting Google Ranking

There are more than 200 factors that Google uses to determine a website’s ranking in search results.

So, don’t be surprised if the competition on the first page of Google is very tight. Google deliberately has hundreds of rating factors to be fair and prevent manipulation.

But luckily, you don’t have to meet hundreds of Google Ranking factors to get first place in search results. You just need to focus on a few key factors. What are they?


How? Learning SEO is easy, right?

While there’s a lot to understand, with the right steps you’ll get the hang of it quickly. Of course it must be supported by a lot of practice and record the findings on your website.

Again, the most important thing about learning SEO is never to stop.

SEO is an optimization effort that must be done continuously to get the best results. And, we believe, you can do it.

Well, what are you waiting for? Use the knowledge you already have to make your website rank one. Good luck!

7 Ways to Build Brand Awareness of Your Business

What is meant by brand awareness is the ability of potential buyers or consumers to recognize or remember a brand. In this case, of course, it can include names, images/logos and certain slogans used by market participants to promote their products.

The Role of Brand Awareness

The role of brand awareness in helping brands can be understood by analyzing how brand awareness can create value. Brand awareness becomes a source of other associations, familiarity or liking, commitment, establishing the brand.

The explanation of the four values ​​is as follows:

  1. Brand awareness is another source of association. A brand with high awareness will help the associations stick to the brand because the cruising power of the brand will be very high in the minds of consumers. The current situation shows that a brand with high awareness can create positive associations for other products.
  2. Familiar or liking. If your brand awareness is high, consumers will be very familiar with your brand, and over time it will cause a high sense of liking for your brand. For example, consumers are familiar with Bango soy sauce, a product from Unilever. Because they are used to consuming Bango soy sauce, it creates compatibility and a sense of liking for the brand, which can encourage purchasing decisions.
  3. Considering the brand. The first step in a buying process is to sort out the known brands in a category to decide which brand to buy. Brands with high top of mind have high consideration value. If a brand is not stored in memory, it will not be considered in purchasing decisions.
  4. Substance or commitment. Brand awareness can signify the existence, commitment, and core that is very important for a company. Because a brand with high brand awareness is usually caused by several factors, namely:
  • Advertised widely, so that it is widely known by the public.
  • An existence that has stood the test of time
  • Wide distribution range, making it easier for consumers to get these products.
  • The brand is well managed.

Brand Awareness Level

Brand awareness has several levels from the lowest level (not aware of the brand) to the highest level, namely Top of Mind, which can be described in a pyramid. The brand awareness pyramid from highest to lowest level is as follows:

  • Top of Mind is a brand that is told by consumers for the first time or the first that appears in the minds of consumers, or the brand is the main brand of various brands in the minds of consumers.
  • Brand recall is an unaided recall of a brand.
  • Brand Recognition (brand recognition) is a minimal level of brand awareness, where the introduction of a brand appears again after being reminded through assisted recall.
  • Unware of Brand (not aware of the brand) is the lowest level in the brand awareness pyramid where consumers are not aware of a brand.

7 Ways to Build Your Business Brand Awareness

  1. Social Media
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Video Marketing
  4. Influencer Marketing
  5. Event Marketing
  6. Sponsorship
  7. Merchandise

How to Assess Brand Awareness?

  • Survey

Surveys are one way that is often used to measure brand awareness.

  • View your website analytics

From website analytics, you can observe whether there is an increase or decrease in brand awareness.

  • Social Media

Not only for promotion, you can use social media to measure your brand awareness.

5 Advantages of Facebook Ads for Your Marketing Business

Facebook Ads is a Facebook advertising service site that will help your fan page or business website. Where will your fanpage or business website be promoted according to the target business consumers you want.

Here are 5 advantages of Facebook Ads for your business:

1. Have a Fantastic Target Consumer

Facebook offers a number of targets that can be said to be large for your business. So you can show ads to the audience you have targeted.

These targets can be based on geographic targeting, age range, interests, gender and more available.

Facebook’s power editor tool makes it easy for you to promote your social media ads. Equipped with user-friendly features, these features will help you to prepare your ad campaign.

You can also embed tracking features into your account page to target customers. You can find out what products people are interested in.

2. Can Analyze Situations

When you manage your Facebook fanpage, you can see the activities on your homepage.

From these homepages, you can adjust the promotion as needed.

You can analyze the character of the person who will be the target of your business promotion. Yes, even without you analyzing it, Facebook’s sophistication is far more capable of analyzing it.

3. Improve Brand

Facebook users will always see notifications on their homepage several times per day. Well, that’s why you have to be careful to make your brand with the best possible branding.

Even if fewer people will click on your business fan page, the visibility of the ad will still help you build trust. Be careful to see opportunities to build good branding for your account.

4. Sell Without Distance Limit

Well, the next benefit of Facebook Ads is that you can promote your business freely. Without being limited by any distance, as far as you can promote your brand.

You are also not limited by time. Everything becomes more flexible by using Facebook Ads.

5. The Right Promotion Target

The last benefit is the most important, using Facebook Ads you can understand the target of your promotion. Because in Facebook Ads, you can promote your business with your audience.

For example, if you want to promote a cosmetic brand, Facebook will automatically promote it to a female audience. If you promote strong drugs, the target audience will be men.

At least these 5 advantages are the reasons why you should use Facebook Ads for Business.

SEO: Definition, Benefits and How it Works

What is SEO? SEO itself stands for Search Engine Optimization which is an optimization technique for a website so that it occupies the first page of the Google search engine with targeted keywords.

But that is only a small part of the concept of SEO which actually has a lot of benefits for your website or blog. Well, in this article we will describe in simple sentences so that you understand what SEO is and why SEO is important and must be applied to a website or blog.

Get to know SEO

Search Engine Optimization or better known as SEO is a website optimization action that is carried out with the aim of being able to get a top ranking in search results. By getting the best ranking in search results, the potential to get a lot of organic traffic will also be greater.

In addition to functioning to get organic traffic from search results. SEO can also help you get the right traffic. That way you can get organic traffic from search engines that match the purpose of your website.

To be able to get high organic traffic that is on target, you must follow all the rules that have been set by the search engine in this case is Google. You need to know how SEO works and how to understand Google’s algorithm.

How Does SEO Work?

Once you understand what SEO is, the next question that will inevitably arise is how does SEO work? Basically every search engine has a certain algorithm that is useful for determining whether the content is worthy of entering the highest ranking in search results.

This applies to all types of search engines be it Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. But in this case what we will discuss is the algorithm from Google. Because Google is the most used search engine by people around the world. So it is better for us to learn the algorithm from the Google search engine.

Google itself is always updating their algorithm in order to provide relevant search results for all its users. Therefore, you should always know the algorithm updates from Google. Because if you use the old algorithm it will not have any impact on your website.

Why is SEO Important? What are the Benefits of SEO?

SEO is no longer an option to bring in traffic but has become an obligation to apply SEO techniques on the website. So what are the benefits of SEO for your website?

  1. A lot of traffic is generated from the content on the first page

Content can appear in search results alone is not enough. If the content you produce can only appear on page two, three or even higher than that, the chances of getting a lot of traffic from search results will be smaller. Therefore your content must enter on page one of Google in order to get a lot of organic traffic.

  1. Build Your Brand

Most people always do research online before making a purchase. This of course will require business owners to have a good brand so that they can always be found on the internet. One way to improve the quality of your brand is to apply SEO techniques on your website. The more your website appears in search results, the more people will know your website and brand.

Thus the discussion about the meaning of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) complete with how SEO works and what are the benefits of SEO for websites. The hope is that by understanding the basic concepts of SEO, you can develop your business even more.

  1. Your website is easier to find on search engines

Your website will be easier to find on search engines with various keywords. You can get to reach a wider audience by applying SEO techniques to each keyword you target. Of course the targeted keywords must be in accordance with the topic of your website.

  1. Increase Customer Trust

A website that is on the first page of Google with certain keywords will make customers trust your website or brand more than websites that cannot be found on search engines.

  1. Get Leads to Increase Sales

Who knows, a website that is on the first page with targeted keywords can generate leads to increase sales. Because basically customers type a keyword in a google search because they want to find out or need an answer or solution to their problem. Therefore, with your website that can be easily found on the first page of Google (already optimized with SEM) you have a better chance of getting leads than websites that have not been optimized with SEO.

  1. Quality Leads come from SEO

Because people who are looking for products on search engines are people who have interests and needs, so when people who are looking through search engines then enter your website, the closing rate is likely to be higher than people who see ads through social media.

4 Benefits of SEO for Your Online Business

What are the benefits of SEO? Maybe for beginners who are just entering the world of bloggers and internet marketers, they still don’t know what the benefits of SEO are. But before I answer that question, let me explain the meaning of SEO first.

Benefits of SEO for Your Business

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, in short SEO is optimizing a page or website so that it can be in the top position in search engine results, one of which is Google. Therefore, because our page or website is at the top rating on search engines, usually it will get the highest number of visitors compared to other websites. So, have you understood it so far? After that you need to know too, “What are the benefits of SEO?”.

What are the Benefits of SEO Optimization

SEO of course is no longer an option for a website page, but it is a mandatory thing for a website. Because SEO is so important for a website. So what are the Benefits of SEO? The following will explain some of the benefits of SEO:

  1. Opportunity to Get Potential Traffic To Website

As previously mentioned, that when our website is in the top position in search engine results, it will certainly get the highest number of visitors compared to other websites. This will certainly provide a great opportunity for us, because the more visitors, of course we will also have potential traffic for our website or page. If the website we have is a business website, of course, our business will continue to grow and the potential visitors will become our potential customers.

But what you need to know is that not all visitors will benefit us. Search engine users will usually search for the product they want by using unique keywords. So they will get the right information or recommendations for what they want. Well if they find the right website with what they are looking for. Of course this is a great opportunity, they will make the website a reference and at the same time will also become your customer. Because of the keywords contained on your website, which are appropriate and relevant to your business.

  1. Brand Awareness Increases

What is Brand Awareness? Brand awareness is the ability of potential customers or customers to recognize or remember a brand. When a brand is increasingly recognized, the intensity of sales will also increase automatically. One way to increase brand awareness is by optimizing the website on search engines or known as SEO techniques.

  1. Increase Income

If what we have is a business website, then this SEO technique is applied properly. Then the results of our website search will appear in the topmost position, of course people who want to buy a product will choose to click on the website that has the highest rating, from there we will definitely get an opinion if the results of our products are sold. After that our brand will also be more famous and many customers who make reference to our website. From there, our income will continue to increase.

  1. Your Website Will Be Easier To Find From Various Keywords

If SEO optimization has been implemented properly, the website will be easier to find from various keywords. We can reach many audiences using various keywords related to our main topic. For example, the main topic of a blog or website is health. There are many keywords related to the beauty that we are targeting. Then we can discuss the symptoms of the disease, how to live a healthy lifestyle, how to cure it, and other topics related to health.

Thus an explanation of the benefits of SEO. What is certain is that with SEO your website will be well optimized in search engine results. Hope it is useful!

Google Analytics: Tools for Displaying Your Website Statistics

If you have a website that is used for business, online selling media or also with blog content, but are confused about how to understand the concept of attracting traffic or visitors to our website?. Well, one of them to find out that way is that you have to know about Google Analytics. This Google Analytics application can be accessed through the page http://google.com/analytics/.

Maybe there are many digital entrepreneurs who know about Google Analytics but not many understand about this tool from Google. Because the most difficult part is to understand Google Analytics more deeply because the menu is quite complex so it makes online business people and bloggers find it a little difficult. Therefore, let’s discuss about Google Analytics further.

Google Analytics is a free service from Google that displays visitor statistics on a website. By using Google Analytics, users of this tool can generate reports on website or blog traffic on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.

We can also compare the traffic on our website from time to time. To register for Google Analytics, you only need to have a Google account. So Google analytics is a must-have tool for website owners to monitor traffic that enters their website. So far, are you sure you have to have this tool? If not, here are many other features that must be known.

In addition to monitoring website traffic, this platform also provides various data about the performance of a site. Starting from where the traffic sources, popular content, visitor demographic data and others.

By knowing these data, you as a website owner will certainly find it easier to develop your business in the right direction. In addition, this tool can also search for visitor information from search engines, advertisements, email, pay per click networks, and also links in PDF documents.

If you are an advertiser on Google Adwords services, Google Analytics can be useful for analyzing the effectiveness of Google Adwords ads placed on Google. So you can find out what ads and keywords are referring the most to your website pages. That way, it will be easier for you to find keywords for your ad.

In Google Analytics there is also a conversion report. Well the conversion report here is everything you want your website visitors to do. Here we will divide into two conversions, namely macro conversion and micro conversion.

Shorten those macro conversions that have an impact on your business, such as transactions. And this micro-conversion is where the visitor doesn’t have a monetary impact but can be a phase of interaction to increase trust, for example downloading a company profile. The report that you can get from this conversion is to track the process of the transaction, how long does it take? Until through what media?

For an online business, how does performance effectiveness on the cart work? What products are often added to the cart? Google Analytics to find out all the activities that occur on our website uses tracking javascript that is inserted on the website.

So Google Analytics is highly recommended for digital entrepreneurs, especially those who use paid traffic as a way to increase revenue, not only that Google Analytics is also recommended for bloggers. With this tool you can use the information obtained from Google Analytics to get to know the characteristics of blog readers. As a result, visitors will feel more comfortable to linger because they get the best experience.

Growth Hacking and Marketing Strategies

Growth Hacking is a digital marketing technique by combining all elements from technical, data driven, programming, user experience, seo, business, psychology, design, product, research & development to make a business grow quickly & consistently. Of course, this method is not easy, it requires passion, skill and commitment as well as risk because it uses various a/b testing methods with various possible variants. All decisions, strategies based on data and experimental results.

Understanding Growth Hacking

The definition is a rapid experimental progress in the field of marketing, product development, sales and other business support to increase capabilities within the company. Growth hacking is a term that includes all marketing and promotional strategies that only focus on growth. In addition, the strategies referred to here are strategies that show results quickly with minimal expenses. The word hacking in growth hacking itself refers to shortcuts that can help get big results. Means Growth hacking or growth hacking, growth hacking is a new field and a combination of marketing, data and technology.

In growth hacking there are 5 stages consisting of acquisition, activation, retention, referral, revenue which are stages of the user lifecycle in the online world.

Acquisition – Starting from the acquisition when the user first visits the site because of hearing from blogs, media, word of mouth or possibly other channels.
Activation – If people like your site and find the benefits for them, then the seeker will register an account, sign up and even subscribe to the newsletter if there is one.
Retention – Users return to your site via email reminders and actively pay attention to your product or website features.
Referrals – Users who actively refer the products contained on the site to friends or family according to their experience.
Revenue – This is the most important phase as you start to generate profits from advertising, business development and email subscriptions.

Growth Hacking Strategy

Usually, the word strategy refers to a long-term approach to business growth, and does not change often. Meanwhile, strategy is a short-term implementation of your strategy, and can change according to new information or priorities.

Growth hacking strategies themselves are usually divided into three types:

Content Marketing i.e. Promoting your business with content, or content marketing
Product Marketing i.e. Promoting your product within the product, or product marketing
Advertising i.e. Paying for promotion, or advertising.

Example of Growth Hacking

Some well-known examples of successful Growth Hacking strategies include:

Hotmail, which adds a line to every outgoing email that encourages people to sign up for a new account
LinkedIn; Gives one-click authorization for existing connections.
YouTube; Make it easy for people to share YouTube videos on their own website by providing an embedding code.
AirBnB, which uses Craigslist to search and market to people looking for affordable accommodation.
Dropbox, which rewards existing users for inviting new ones with additional storage

What are Growth Hackers?

According to the explanation of what growth hacking means above, a growth hacker is someone who implements low-cost creative strategies to help businesses get and retain customers.

In addition, sometimes growth hacking is also called a growth marketer, but growth hackers are not just marketers.

Anyone involved in a product or service, including product managers and engineers, can be a growth hacker.

Growth hackers, also known as growth hackers, tend to be obsessive, curious, and analytical, such as:

They analyze and test to see what works.
Only focus on strategies related to business growth.
The ideal growth hacker knows how to prioritize growth, identify channels for customer acquisition, measure success, and scale growth.
They hypothesize, prioritize and test innovative growth strategies.