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alicenhinguyen 2012-5-16 17:13
pein_hembikiu: kkk, yeah. And I think you are really great. Study and work at the same time. LOL, If I were you, I think I quit school (LOL, just kidding, I think I' ...
Wow, so happy to receive your message.
I wish I had a younger sister like you (Unfortunately, I am the youngest child in my family ^^)
You know the nickname of KA215, she is like your sister, and sometimes she pull me into it, haha.
I an quite busy these days, because of exams.
I have some questions about Korean, could you mind if I ask you?  
TramLe 2012-5-11 20:25
pein_hembikiu: yeah sure, I love friend. Beside of work, friend is my life.
bạn đang học ngành gì ở TPHCM?
alicenhinguyen 2012-5-11 14:30
pein_hembikiu: Hey, my first time here in yor space. Oh, sorry if i couldn't reply to you 'coz my work, it's just, well, a little busy. But I'm sure we could be frie ...
Hello, Eul Joo, It's so surprise when you have the first name like Yong's and the last name like Hyun's middle name. So great ^^
You make me think that I should give you some information about me  
My name Nhi, Nguyễn Trần Quỳnh Nhi (If you can know it in Vietnamese^.^) I have been woking as sales admin in a manufacturing company and studying at University of Social Sciences and Humanities, the majority of English linguistics and literature.
I have just begun from February =.= The classes are so great ^.^
You told me that you work as the director of a company and your younger sister learning about management in entertainment? Wow, so fantastic.
I really really want to meet you soon, kekek. Have a nice weekend!
KA215 2012-5-11 13:34
pein_hembikiu: this is my yahoo account: euljoo_ys
oh cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều, hy vọng bạn có thời gian để mình trò chuyện nhiều hơn  
kute1910 2012-5-11 11:09
I just know this fic about YS, Jonghyun & Yoona.......Have you ever read that ^^ I think it's so awesome......if not, let enjoy it ^^
kute1910 2012-5-11 00:04
pein_hembikiu: hi, let's be friend, ok? ^^ i think next or two year later I'm gonna be in Korea. And my sis, kkk she study entertaiment for manager, and this is tha  ...
Of course, yes!!!! we can be good friends, right!!!! :D so you just visit Vietnam to travel or somthing like that????.......and you will come back to Korea someday.....
KA215 2012-5-10 11:59
pein_hembikiu: hi, thanks. I'm registering to VN's yahoo. tomorrow, I will give you my ID
oh, thanks bạn rất nhiều  
KA215 2012-5-9 21:27
Đây là nick yahoo của mình " voicon_2105@yahoo.com " nếu cần gì bạn cứ buzz mình  
kute1910 2012-5-9 21:20
hello, we are same ages ^^ nice to meet you ^^
TramLe 2012-5-9 20:20
hello, nice to meet you!!! Can we make friends?
KA215 2012-5-9 19:26
pein_hembikiu: kkk, thank you. yeah, I can totally understand vietnamese, but, yeah, write is another try too :)) I hope we could make friend, yeah? :))
yeah, rất vui được gặp bạn, mình có thể hiểu tiếng anh nhưng không thể viết, bạn có cần gì cứ nói với mình, mình sẳn sàng giúp bạn, chúng ta làm bạn nhé, hy vọng lúc bạn về Hàn mình vẫn tiếp tục trò chuyện với nhau và bạn thường xuyên lên đây chơi nhé   
KA215 2012-5-9 13:06
Đây là những Fanfic Gogumas viết về YongSeo, sorry tiếng anh của mình rất tệ nên mình sẽ nói Tiếng Việt nhé, hy vọng bạn hiểu   

Link Fanfic YongSeo: http://yongseovn.net/forum/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=53


alicenhinguyen 2012-5-9 11:46
Hello, pein. I can catch you in the forum. I am wondering if you are busy or not. I want to talk to you more, not only on it but may be on Yahoo or Skype or something like it.
Moreover, I am learning Korean as a beginner. So it's very glad for me to receive help from you  
alicenhinguyen 2012-5-7 23:17
pein_hembikiu: hi, nice to meet you too. Well, I'm really have good time in here too. well, I'm actually a Vietnamese who born in Korea, so yeah I''m a Korean. I can ...
Wow, you will be traveled a lot. Great!  
I hope our forum will be full of news from you when you come back Korea.
So which city are you staying? Hochiminh city?
alicenhinguyen 2012-5-4 17:10
Hello, nice to meet you! I hope you have great time with us, Vietnamese Gogumas. So if you need help, feel free to contact me. Can we make friends?  

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