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KA215 2014-4-20 09:30
During WGM it was clear to me they were falling in love, but that doesn't necessarily mean they would choose to cherish this feeling after the show ended. So I made a resolution before watching the two last episodes: It doesn't matter if it'll hurt or not. Even if I have to rewatch this 100 times. I want to find out their resolution. If they will continue to cherish their feelings for each other, or if they'll dismiss it.

I was really surprised. Troughout the two last episodes I could only have the feeling of "confession" and "promise". It was surprising because it surpassed any expectation of mine. After it ended I remember asking myself "Why would they do that? They didn't need to show it on camera". In my heart the only possible answer came quickly: "Because they were always sincere on camera. It was on camera that they met. And since they are throughout people, especially SeoHyun, it was on camera they needed to show each other their true feelings".

We saw them falling in love on camera, but we all know there were much more out of camera. And the final episodes just made it more noticeable that yes, there were more out of camera. I'll talk about this particular scene (because I need to get this out of my heart). It's one of my favorites! And it was the one that marked me most while watching for the first time. pay attention to the lyrics SeoHyun is singing and how different it is from the original lyrics

SeoHyun said she prepared a song because she remembered YH liked when she sang Love Light. But think with me... was there a need to change the lyrics if she ONLY wanted to SING a song? She didn't change Love Light lyrics (except for the "I'm genie for you boy" since he is a guy). IF she just wanted him to hear the SONG , she could have used his lyrics or the lyrics they composed together. Why did she ask him before singing "Please listen carefully to the lyrics.", and after singing "Did you listen to the lyrics?"? She even added "Did you understand it?"? It was the first thing she said after singing. You can see she was really nervous when she asked, because she gulped nervously before questioning him

And the more suspicious part, when he started to answer her, instead of waiting for his reply she said "There was no 'yo'"......We are talking of SeoHyun here. A very calm girl that doesn't cut others when they are talking. Someone that waits for a reply when she delivers a question. But no! After observing him for a few seconds, she cuts him and respond her own question. Like changing the subject......LOL. You can see the confusion look on YH's face after she cutted him: "Wait... huh?" and than he seems to get something and goes "AH!" and smiles. But she didn't stop there, she kept looking at his eyes and said "There is a deep thought to it". And after he asks if she intentionally did it like that and she says "yes", you can see his happy trademark reaction.

Let me talk about the lyrics a little. Of all songs, WHY Banmal Song? Ok, it fitted the fact she wanted to speak with him in banmal on their last meeting on WGM... But....Have you noticed she changed almost everything, except for a few words she didn't have to change because it was already what she wanted to say? At first, there was no change on the first phrase of the chores, but than at the very end she says "We're going to come to a point where we can speak comfortably to each other" like she is promising it. Than she continue by saying, still like a promise "I'll look you in the eyes and tell you 'I love you'", turning to look at him (while he is looking at her) on the "Saranghae" part.

Do I need to say that writing lyrics is a very difficult task to even experienced songwriters, what more to completely beginners? Do I have to remember YongHwa told her to think of what she wants to say/what she feels while writing a song lyric when he was teaching her how to do it? Do I need to go on how hard it is to fit your feelings on words that need to rhyme and feel right with the rythm of the song?! And do I need to say what YongHwa always knew: that SeoHyun is a genius?!

When I read June's note about how SeoHyun talking habits changed (how she can talk naturally in banmal with an oppa, and how she can even speak in busan dialect lol), I remembered SeoHyun promise on the last episode and thought "She really did it!!".

It was the last episode, she didn't need to promise YongHwa she would talk more comfortably with him, step by step, after only one year together. She was together with her unnies nagging her to talk in banmal for years, still she wouldn't budge! But YongHwa is different. He is not her unnies or just her chingu.

It was this way I came to know that, even if she didn't felt ready to be in a relationship, and even if it would take time for that, she had choosen to keep her feelings for him and tell him they would become closer. She wanted them to get closer.

If you pay attention to what YongHwa says in the blackroom about her singing... haha, he talk about the lyrics! You can see he is so happy/touched and at the same time worried, thinking how to not talk directly about the lyrics, he has a little difficulty to express himself (what is very unusual of him ^^). About the lyrics he says "between us two and since we know what it really means... I think oh we really..." *silence* "...so when I hear those lyrics... with lyrics like this we can really emphatize with each other". I liked the fact he said "those lyrics". He wasn't referring to his lyrics or to the lyrics they wrote together. It was to the lyrics SeoHyun wrote/sang.

I'm only going to talk briefly about four more things SeoHyun did and one thing YongHwa did (please bear with me a little longer):

1. Controled husband jealousy - When she told him she asked Jungmo for help, you can see she breaks on a laugh, because she knows he'll be jealous. The sweet thing is that she quickly try to reassure him of her feelings, by touching his legs (guys, Seo baby touched a namja leg like a girlfriend would LOL) never leaving his eyes, emphasizing it was only once when they were in a concert together (meaning there where other people with them). And even after saying that, she kept looking at him in order to check if he was alright/wasn't sad. And before they got out of FNC building, when he brings the topic back and asks for how long, she even sits to talk with him again  . She could have joked, she could have dismissed his jealous. But she made sure to control his jealousy and reassure him it was just once and not for long, not only with words but with actions, giving him all her attention.

2. Her letter - Guys... you all talked about YongHwa's letter that was with the flowers and we never got to know the content. Where is Hyun's letter to him? And don't even think of "There was none" because we are talking about SeoHyun here! She was the one that started their latter exchanges, and there was not ONE gift that she gave him or his mother without a letter! So where was it? If we think about the 1st YS Storybook, I believe it was at the end of the 2nd Storybook. Yes, the one we never got to see the last page and that we were dying to. Still I'm thankful the PD's gave them privacy. What caught my attention is that they were gentle enough to not expose that neither YongHwa neither SeoHyun wanted their last letters to be read. And in SeoHyun's case, they were cautious enough to not mention it. We can only say it was there because it's SeoHyun whom we are talking about

3. She cried - YongHwa was really sad, and you could see he was holding in his tears. But at the same time, you could feel there was something he was thankful/glad about. To me, what made him thankful/glad was the fact that he knew how she felt and that she wanted to keep their relationship out of the camera. Still, their WGM ending was sad. Same with SeoHyun. She was sad and happy for the same reasons. But she couldn't hold in on the blackroom. WGM experience gave her so much, and she wanted so bad to preserve it's meaning and memories. Just like a painting that never fades/never blurs. Something she got that attached to... a very sweet feeling indeed.

4. "You are like a son" - Which sane girl in this world tells a guy she is not romantically interested that her parents see him like their own son?! Especially when she is an only daughter and she knows the guy is head over heels for her! For heavens sake! And which sane parents tell their only daughter that they see the guy, who they know is head over heels for her, like a son if they don't approve of the guy?! Especially when they know their only daughter, who would choose gogumas over any man, is in love with a rock band leader!

5. YongHwa's confession - When he asked SeoHyun to open his trunk and I saw all the things he prepared (ballons, flowers, guitar and a letter) I thought: "Confession?". Did he need to do that? Remember, this couple is very detailed. He could have given her the presents using a different way. But no! He made it like a surprise proposal/special event.

The way she looked at him said it all. Just like the way he looked at her when she was singing. She received the message. She understood what he meant, and she accepted his heart. And although he knew she understood he made sure to ask her "accept his heart/feelings" tell her he never gave another girl flowers (and not any flowers, but a bouquet of red roses) to read his letter in private emphasizing that he really meant what he wrote (a letter she didn't let go after receiving, just like he didn't let go of the storybook. Both holding very strongly their "letters" while saying goodbye in front of the cameras). And last, but not less important, he gave her the pink guitar. Didn't he know guitars would forever remember her of him? He still gave her a pink one, because the pink guitar remember him of her. Even NaYong said: "How do you forget a guy like this?"

The fact that they bought couple items (like the dogs plushies) didn't make it feel like a goodbye either . Oh and I need to say this: THAT BEAR! When he was hugging that bear (he bought for SeoHyun) I thought "YongHwa, are you trying to make your cologne perfume stick to that bear? Because you are hugging it so tightly. You are holding it even while drinking Ma". And than, when he was giving the bear to SeoHyun on SNSD dorm, he told her "Think of it as Yong husband". So you were really were thinking of sticking your perfume to it so she could remember you when she embraced the bear! LOL

As I girl I need to say this: I really like the smell of cologne/perfume the guy I love use, and I especially like it when he gives me something (a plush or a coat) with his cologne/smell. It gives a warm feeling. Especially if it's a long distance relationship. It's a very sweet thing to do ^^, kekeke.

After all these, I really can't believe anyone that watched YS WGM can say they didn't have feelings for each other. It's all there, like a painting. A sweet memory that will never fade or get blurred. I believe they were already dating or started dating as soon as WGM ended. And I'm sure they kept their feelings, feelings that are growing stronger everyday.
KA215 2014-3-10 13:52
lananh_yongseo: c ơi thời gian này t bận, chắc ko làm đc đâu, vì t đi thực tập với làm chuyên đề tốt nghiệp.
vậy à, ko sao đâu, khi nào rảnh cậu giúp vườn tiếp cũng đc  
KA215 2014-3-10 12:22
cậu giúp mình đoạn này hôm nay nhé

Seohyun tweeted: "yesterday was our taeng taenggoo~♥ taeyeon unnie’s birthday!♥ i’m really grateful for your existence unnie..and i’m thankful once again^^ you know [what i mean] even if i don’t say it, right~? hehe let’s go on together for a long time! ♥-♥"

Seo Joo Hyun's tweet brings me back to Kim Tae Yeon saying she wanted YongSeo to date in real life and that she had no problem with Seo Joo Hyun's dating. Very supportive.


While waiting for their performance, all CNBLUE members are seating on the bench. Jungshin holding flower and Minhyuk asking to give it to him. Then, Minhyuk's proposing Yonghwa while kneeling down. Yonghwa is surprised "what should I do" then he received Minhyuk's flower. YongHwa is in good mood today

"the Inki PD carried YongHwa off stage again. His legs were hanging to the left but YongHwa head was over the PDs right shoulder." AIGOOOOOO

At the FS in Jung-gu, I presented 3 boxes of dark chocolate to YongHwa and said to him, "You said Love is like dark chocolate. We love you so please eat more and put on more weight." And he gave me the deadliest smile and said "Ok. Thank you."

Cold Love is a masterpiece. Heartbroken or not, you'll just get lost and addicted to it. Runaway favorite. Runaway winner


from blonde-haired YongSeo in January 2013
to black-haired Yongseo in May 2013
to red-haired YongSeo in March 2014

Nothing happens accidently at the same time! Not three times! LOL Yongseo is real! I don't care what anyone says, those two are playing a game only two people with a secret know how to play...I'm just glad that they can't seem to help but leave clues for the rest of us to follow. Haha

Please look at their hair color when WGM filming. Similar right...?? I think since WGM session, URI couple have been likes the " hair color couple"


At Inkygayo yesterday, all CNBlue member stood behind SNSD but they  didn't see SNSD....they might be very careful nowadays....

When i watched video about the winner at Inkygayo yesterday, i had the feeling that CNBLUE actively moved to the back of the stage. They keep the distance with SNSD. Of course,we don't know what's happening at backstag (because according Fanacc, when offcam, they close to each other) but on stage, they were very carefully in preserving their image. There were no interaction between two group. It's very different than last year. Oh my god, Maybe they are under too much pressure to take action like that? i feel sorry for them. YongSeo keep go a head. We love you!


The DIAMOND GIRL standing by herself while all the rest of the girls are sitting down, on a set sparkling with bling bling that shines like diamond and diamond (well, technically like one) shapes, on a wedding picture themed outfit singing BACK HUG!!!! (cough *wedding pictorial* - *backhug*)! Again, I like how coincidentally the heavens are shining yongseo lovelight upon us.....


To me the way Yong looked at kyuhyun when answering bout Hyun is exactly the same as "win win" when he look at Taeyeon (When Yonghwa said Seohyun want to visit him in hospital but then he said dont, cus many fans outside. And Yonghwa said Seohyun want to attend their ''first step'' comeback event but Yonghwa said it's with the fans, and Seohyun said will send her heart instead)


We understand how celebrities has to lie sometimes. As long as he indirectly said he liked seohyun and still keeps in touch. I'm already happy......and don't you guys notice this? Why would they still ask him about seohyun everytime they make a comeback? It's more on yonghwa's side.....i don't know for some reason people who interviews him gives us a hint..cause if there is nothing there, then they should not ask about seohyun anymore. Lol. I wont stop being a goguma unless one side says they are in a relationship with someone else. And what was this Van issue? Yah! You should clear the rumor NOT spill something even us doesn't know. Of all the cars, why it should be SEOHYUN's CAR? And why did your manager or members told you you are in the wrong direction?

No idols ever admitted that they are dating not unless they have been caught. And while they are not yet been caught, they'll continue to deny it whatever it takes. KPOP Fans are different from Actors/actress fans who let their idols date, unfortunately, this isn't the case for the IDOLS. If you have faith with YongSeo, regardless of they denied each other, regardless of their hint, you will never doubt them. Because if you trust them, you don't need any proof neither hint to testify everything. For the past four years, YongSeo never fail to give us something to spazz and I think that is more than enough for us to continue believing them.

Let's be realistic, if YongHwa or Seohyun are dating, I'm definitely sure they will NEVER admit it unless they got caught. This is KPOP World, this is what Idol's life is, take it or leave it! And YES, I am one of those shipper who were praying really hard for them to deny each other because the hate comments that they get is not a joke. Denying each other is for the BEST. But YongHwa denying Seohyun will never change my belief in them neither my trust. I'll stay in this ship until they told me to stop because as long as they give us hints, I'll continue to believe them. I hope we are also having the same thought.
KA215 2014-3-4 08:50
chignu, cậu giúp mình đoạn này hôm nay nhé, mình gữi cái word qua gmail cho cậu rùi ý, cậu nhận đc chưa?

Yong Choding..opps! Yong-Adult ..you've  just impressed me with the MV for CANT STOP.. isn't that really obvious??ish..ish..ish..You've been greedy a lot Nowadays.. well,I need to see the YONGWALL Again for this year..can you just do it ?? Oh yeah..the DIAMOND GIRL ..PINK really suits you ..Much ..

Hyun buin... bLUE mr.Mr ..for whom?? the BLue BOYS?? ooohh....Yong have been influenced you a lot huh?? hinting and hinting ..Bytheways,You've  Rap & Driving??..AIGOO..i guess you practice it on the the shower again?? .And yes..This year please just hug him..no rubbbed on shoulder ,..can huh?? ^_^


on sbs inkigayo, when cnblue sang Diamond Girl, on the screen they display cnblue in PINK!!!. I think it was a concept to be applied since diamond girl is a song about a girl. That's why YongHwa wears baby pink guitar and his collar is baby pink too. CNBLUE display is also pink. That's why I guess it was the concept of this song. But hey! I love too see he using pink for this songs. It might just a coincidence concept or it was plan to be pink concept.

"I got a boy" era....Yonghwa with boy stuff, "can't stop" era (diamond girl) SeoHyun with diamond stuff


CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa becomes writer, composer, producer, and director

On top of earning the title of songwriter and composer, CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa has made his debut as a producer and director. Yonghwa has already recieved much praise for his professionalism in lyric writing and composing skills for the “Can’t Stop” comeback song. It has been reported that Yonghwa was responsible for the overall producing and directing for the comeback album as well. he multiple talents

Jung Yong Hwa, the leader of the flowery handsome men rock band CNBLUE. He is a handsome man acknowledged by both himself and other people. Jung Yong Hwa collects lots of The Simpsons characters. Sometimes, the fans even send it to him. The Simpsons t-shirt, blanket, many dolls, pillow and since he enjoys snowboarding, there is even The Simpsons snowboard. There is also even the Simpsons underwear. Jung Yong Hwa wearing The Simpsons underwear, it makes us to have imaginations for no reason. 80% of the things that cover his room are The Simpsons and 20% is the incense.

Jung Yong Hwa said “I want to live according to inspiration”. He said “It is really hard to get agreement while living according to inspiration”. So, he prepares the song, plays the guitar and stays up all night with the colleagues.


Goguma as both groups are promoting almost at the same time. I know i am torn of who to vote and support but then again...does winning really matter with YONGSEO!! ever since the beginning they has always support each other regardless their differences, yongseo just strive the hardest to get where they at today. Both groups are so different and unique in their own way so let's support CNSD regardless who will win because at the end, both groups has successfully win in our hearts right? FIGHTING CNSD and YONGSEO!!!!
KA215 2014-3-1 22:10
à, mà cậu có gmail ko? mình gữi cho cậu cái word tin mật của 2 đứa cho cậu xem. gữi qua gmail có vẻ an toàn hơn ở fb hay vườn ý =)))
KA215 2014-3-1 22:09
còn đoạn này mới qua bên soompi thấy, nếu cậu còn thời gian thì giúp mình luôn nhé

I believe this interview was a perfect opportunity for Yonghwa to come come clean on his relationship. He could have said he and Seohyun no longer had any romantic interest in each other n were just colleagues. But he didn't, he conveniently left out any mention of no romantic intentions. I believe this couple is dating. but of course they won't reveal now. I m sure of it.

do you remember?? CEO Han said, after debut Yonghwa change alot, i swear he loyal type guy like Seohyun, even some of the girl also mention it, the different of  in Yonghwa after 1 year, maybe because his friendly type guy cause alot of rumour for him with other girl...everybody knows about greedy man song, just alone of one line tells everything, "Yeah, I’m not far from your home now", which girl he try mention about it?? he feel insecure whenever idol man around seohyun, no wonder stand behind her all time, he never protect other girls, just SEOHYUN ONLY, i remember Sooyoung boyfriend also answer this way, but last become true......So just wait they.
KA215 2014-3-1 15:54
chingu ơi, hôn nay giúp vườn đoạn này nhé cậu, thanks cậu nhiều:


In as much as I hate to think Yong Hwa is lying when he answered he still contact Hyun once in a while and they are close colleague relationship. My daughter who is a psychology major saw the video and said his eye movements is a sign of someone is lying.  She said it seems like he is trying to remember or think of an answer but his rapid blinking of his eyes shows he might not be telling the truth. I also find his answer quite contradicting; he said they contact once in a while and they are close colleagues. How can you be close colleagues and yet only contact once in a while? Seems like he is trying to think of an answer and clear that he don't said truth. I feel happy that he admit that they still keep in touch. If he wants to clear things with Seo Hyun, he could easily said "oh we are very busy and hardly contact each other at all". He does not even need to elaborate that they are close colleagues. BUT ITS SIMPLE HYUN IS HERE IN HIS LIFE. I believe that Yonghwa was very careful in answering that question...... after I see how the expression of Jungshin, Minhyuk and Jonghyun..... they are very worried about it...... I'm sure there were hidden from the public.

I was happy to hear yonghwa's answer. very carefull and nice. YONG ADULT not  YONG CHODING. Why yonghwa always asked about his partner in WGM on each radio. If korea does not like Yongseo why always make questions regarding yongseo and they also know for sure it will be a hot topic on many news sites...said many people are still curious about Yongseo or what kind of status they have. I think yonghwa and  member CNBLUE are well aware about that. After 4 year, why Yonghwa never admitted Seohyun as a friend-zone but come to other girls, he can admit easily them as a friend, can answer without thinking, according question, did Yonghwa still keep contact with seohyun?? he said, yes, but he must answer as what???, we close as a previous co-worker, my omg, Yonghwa never look her friend but more that, they are co-worker but now they are different company and no project between them, "CO-WORKER" who term as HUSBAND AND WIFE, Yonghwa know the different between friendship and romantic, after wgm end, he just tell Seohyun name only, he choose Seohyun all time.......I am very curious who is heaven light; maybe, this heaven light is his so called 'close colleague". I am not surprise at all because Seo Hyun is an accomplished pianist and she might have helped on the piano composing part.  

Yonghwa answer for not sure to meet someone new, it's proved that Seohyun is really mean for Yonghwa, "like'' why do i should meet someone new when i got someone already'' lol

Actually i'm kinda happy with Yonghwa statement.. as gogumas, we should support them.. maybe this is the time they will give us the answer towards their relationship.. i dont care whatever relationship they have, as long as i know they still contact each other it will be enough for me.. i'm happy knowing they still support each other. The fact that Hyun and Yong is still linked to one another delights me. It feeds my goguma heart. oh how I miss this couple.  hehehehehe. and the fact that our ship is still strong after 4 years amaze many people but there also ones who can not accept our faith to these two beautiful talented people.

Regarding Yonghwa's comment about him and Seohyun being "Colleagues". It was a masterstroke of a comment as it allows them to interact, talking to each publicly and openly without the fear of scrutiny or negative reaction. colleagues and lovers r not mutually exclusive. Colleagues can still date each other. Who would have thunk it? he neither confirmed nor denied the relationship. I also noticed in the video, that when asked about Seohyun, Yong touched his headphones alot!!! He can't lie. We remember the same thing when he was called Seohyun's namja last time. Similarly with Hyun who touches her hair when she is nervous or asked abt Yong.

We cannot expect him to say they are in dating relationship even if they are. The fact is they still keep in touch, that is good enough. Like I said before, our couple do not like to lie and seriously if there is nothing between them, why he has to answer it so carefully. You can see from the video, when he was asked if he still keep contact with her;  his eyes looked up and blinked a few times, people only has this kind of facial expression when they are nervous. He was obviously thinking before answering the question carefully and the CN boys were very quiet. If there is nothing between them, why can't they just laugh it off.  There is nothing wrong with his answer that he contacts her once in a while (of course, he contacts her when he is out of town, when he is in town, he knows where to find her....... ring, ring, ring my bell, LOL). The fact he did not say they are just close friend is great for me because he did not friend zone her. I read some translation said he continue to maintain the close colleague relationship like previously and of course in Boice forum, the translation is he said they are colleague relationship. Jung Yong Hwa, since when Seo Hyun becomes your colleague, she is not even member of FNC. Okay, okay, we know you are just being careful with your answer. Who says colleagues cannot be lovers........hahaha. Anything that's going to happen with Yonghwa and Seohyun, I will still always support them........ whatever it is......... I love Yongseo forever. YONGSEO is real.


YH: I wrote the melody first, but couldn’t get the feeling for the lyrics. One day when I was about to fall asleep, I thought of the word Diamond. Diamond is a precious gem. It’s very glamorous. So I wanted to use it to describe a girl.

MC: So, in real life, you like a girl who is glamorous?

YH: no, no, it’s not like that. I meant when you like a person, they will appear glamorous to you.

MC: I see, you mean when one falls in love, the other person becomes the diamond in one’s eyes.

Like a Child

YH: There have been a lot of TV programs that feature kids. I watched those shows and was touched by the children’s innocence. I feel their innocence can purify a person who might be jaded. So I wanted to write a song for them.
KA215 2014-2-19 23:30
chingu ơi, tối nay giúp vườn thêm đoạn này nhé cậu   

Since some fan admitted wgm is real life interaction, wgm is reality show, even many time already denial by production, wgm is not scripted, why i ship Yongseo couple??

Yonghwa and Seohyun met as a husband and wife in wgm not as a close friend or lover, I'm really surprised with this couple, now matter how, they never hide anything from each other, especially about other girl or other guy. Yonghwa famous idol among the girl, he has some close friend like yeiji and other, he never hide from Seohyun about his female friend, he call in front of her so openly, this is loyal husband will do in front of wife,he never hide any secret, so Seohyun know, they are just friend, Seohyun become important to him and he care Seohyun feeling, moreover, he told that brag about his wife to his friend

Same goes to Seohyun, Seohyun famous among boys, she has some close friend like Minho and Jiwoon, she never hide from Yonghwa about her male friend, she call and share in front of him so openly, care about his feeling whenever working male,this is loyal wife will do to husband, she never hide  any secret, so Yonghwa know, they are just friend, Yonghwa become to important to her and she care his feeling too. Both of them honest, during mildang period, thier honest feeling come out that look forward of each other, yonghwa said seohyun is honest and seohyun also able to learn about  his honest manner through busan trip, they share alot first memories between them, almost everything is first time.

Regarding Yonghwa and Seohyun closeness nothing to proof, wgm enough proof: She know Yonghwa activities and what he doing, when his album coming out, she know Yonghwa health condition, she know about Yonghwa personal stuff, like his friend, i was shocked during, wedding photo session, that Yonghwa never told about coffee thing and his health condition to his own member, so he treated Seohyun as a his own wife, husband and wife, normally they won't share with other person, even she already listen banmal song, before the cd come out, press conference, yonghwa said Seohyun will support him, great example, mbc gayo daejun 2012. When MC: "Will Yongseo couple perform too?". And Seohyun says: "It's a pity because I've to emcee, but you will see Yonghwa-ssi later", how she know Yonghwa will come late??? There are alot of proof yonghwa and seohyun is close in real life

Both are talented in musical, there are alot girl in Yonghwa's life but seohyun ho successfully play with his emotion, after the ring mission, Yonghwa start to write back love light while thinking of Seohyun and banmal too. Seohyun also write her first song banmal and in last epd, she rewrote back the song about them.......they are choding couple, who make everybody laugh and having a fun, both are so mature.......i can talk about them alot thing, both of them can draw a line clearly between love and work, there are alot of evidence between them during wgm era and after wgm...


The SNSD members cried "Jealous~" in unison as the topic of "YongSeo Couple" came up in their interview on November 2nd, causing Seohyun to blush in red.

Seohyun stated, "It seems like my unnies are interested more than me. They monitor the show often for me. Their attention must be due to the uniqueness of the relationship, right? Unnies keep telling me to take his hands. I'm embarrassed." The SNSD members elaborated on Seohyun's change after the marriage. Tiffany said,"This album has tracks where her changed vocals really shine, she really improved. I guess there is emotion behind her voice? Her vocals and feel improved. I told them, 'We have all got to date'." The romantic teasing did not stop even as Seohyun shoot her hands in denial. In fact, Seohyun turned redder with each shout of "Oh!!", "Really?" and "yoohoo". Tiffany continued, "Truthfully, this has never happened for our maknae. These changes are really funny to us. She's changed. She's changed." Taeyeon stated in her softest voice, "I was married too (to Jung Hyung Don), but forcefully divorced", cracking up her members.
KA215 2014-2-18 18:13
lananh_yongseo: Bây giờ t mới ngủ dậy, nên mới dịch bài gửi cậu đc, thông cảm nha.
ko sao mà, mình cũng mới vừa đi học về :) cảm ơn cậu nhiều nhé  
KA215 2014-2-18 11:00
xin lỗi cậu vì hơi dài, cậu xem giúp vườn đc tới đâu thì giúp, cảm ơn cậu nhiều nhé.

Couple in love is interesting couple. They would spend time together. Spending time to do the romantic things. Filling the days with beautiful things. But what YongSeo couple to do? They spend a lot of time to play. Play and have fun. Since they are still very young, it is very reasonable. Although I'm not absolutely say that they are just playing, because of course they also do a lot of romantic things. But much of their time that they use to play. Having fun together. Yonghwa who took control. But Seohyun is also compensate. Many say only that playfull Yonghwa (choding). But without your realizing it, Seohyun also has a playfull attitude.

They are still very young age. But they are mature. They also have a mature attitude is really beyond expectations, hidden behind their childish attitude. For Yonghwa, Seohyun he considers good and innocent girl. He promised not to bring bad influence to him. For Seohyun, she always care and attention to Yonghwa's health . She was very attentive to the Yonghwa's habits and food. Behind their childish attitude, it turns out there is their maturity attitude

Give and take, not just items.        A couple give each other items is normal. Usually they do this as a demonstration of their love between each other. Also to express their feelings. Make them happy. Make them more love each other. Then, if YongSeo not give each items with each other? Of course they do. So, what makes it interesting? Does that make them unique so that they are different from other couples?        First, they give and take respect each other. Yonghwa did not take the initiative to do skinship first, because he respected Seohyun. He respects women and Seohyun as a Korean idol. Even just to kiss her forehead when photo shoot, Yonghwa asked Seohyun prior approval. Thứ hai, họ đưa ra và nhận được hỗ trợ. Seohyun luôn luôn hỗ trợ và khuyến khích khi Yonghwa bệnh. Ông luôn luôn hỗ trợ Yonghwa trong mỗi nghề nghiệp. Và nhiều hơn nữa. Third, they understand each other. Yonghwa gets jealous. But besides all that, Yonghwa always supported. And when their date schedule collided with a Yonghwa's schedule for shoting on one TV station, Seohyun also willing to wait. And of course when Yonghwa lost Seohyun scarf that knitted by herself, to try to understand how it feels hard to make it, he also made ​​it with his ​​own knitwear. And many more.

Does not usually any couple willing to accept the advantages and disadvantages of their mate? Why should it be improved? YongSeo couple is a smart young couple. They change themselves without having given out by the other. They learn by being together. When they do things together, they will reflect themselves from others, and they will understand what their strengths and weaknesses. That way, they can improve what the advantages and disadvantages of their own.

And in the end, after four years, the couple is still a popular couple, both among young people and the elderly. Among regular viewers of WGM when they first aired, even among fans who previously has never watched their show. Because they are unique, and they different from the other couples.
KA215 2014-1-15 22:03
lananh_yongseo: uhm ,đúng rồi, tên fb của t là meokull, tên thật là lan anh.hi,
vậy à  
KA215 2014-1-15 21:26
chingu, mình kết bạn với cậu trên fb rồi ý, mà ko biết phải nick cậu ko nữa, vì thấy khác tên trong vườn, có gì cậu pm cho mình nhé, sợ gữi tin lộn người ý mà  
KA215 2014-1-14 23:01
lananh_yongseo: mình vừa gửi lời kết bạn đấy
ok. xong :)
KA215 2014-1-14 22:45
lananh_yongseo: hì, lâu rồi t chẳng vào yahoo cơ, cậu có fb ko?
đây là link: https://www.facebook.com/anh.kieu.10297701
KA215 2014-1-14 22:44
lananh_yongseo: hì, lâu rồi t chẳng vào yahoo cơ, cậu có fb ko?
uhm, mình có tên là Kiều Anh  
KA215 2014-1-14 22:20
lananh_yongseo: t dịch đc thế thôi! thấy nó cũng hơi lủng củng
thế là ok lắm rồi =)) mình còn chả hiễu gì nữa mà =))) cám ơn cậu nhiều nhé :) khi nào ra yahoo thì pm mình, luôn có tin cho cậu  
KA215 2014-1-14 21:55
chingu cậu hiễu câu này thì chỉ mình với nhé :)

[Trans] Love Light candle ~ YongHwa: The combination of vanilla and white musk gives the soft feel warm. My personal favorite is warm in cold weather. Warm weather and feels the sweet house. Soft, warm and yet, sweet. Immerse until you feel the flavor. The sweet fragrances is not too heavy tho. I think it's a good for daily usage.
KA215 2014-1-12 21:51
chingu ơi, cậu có thể giúp mình dịch bài này không, thanks cậu nhiều  


WGM “YongSeo CP” Jung YongHwa planned the push-pull act alone.

in WGM broadcasted on 16th oct, it was revealed that Yonghwa dind’t contact Seohyun for a month and dind’t waer his couple ring. thru blackroom interview, Seohyun expressed her unhappiness towards Yonghwa, but yonghwa mentioned that as time goes,in order to grow, a turning point is needed. during this time if i don’t contact Seohyun, she may miss me a bit more.. thus he started the push-pull act alone. WGM crews founf out about Yonghwa’s project later on. WGM crew were interviewed on the 22nd and expressed that Yonghwa continued his act outside filming. because there was a long period of time where they couldn’t film, Seohyun Yonghwa and the crew went out for dinner together to maintain their relationship. but Yonghwa showed different attitude towards Seohyun. the crews couldn’t help but raised some questions. during the push-pull act, Yonghwa was cold towards Seohyun and Seohyun also confessed to the crew that she hasn’t been in contact with Yonghwa. the crews were worried and thought of every possible reason behind Yonghwa’s act. maybe he has a girlfriend? maybe he has a change of heart? Finally they found out about yonghwa’s plan after they interviewed him alone. the crew asked why Yonghwa had this project. Yonghwa expressed that Seohyun couldn’t speak banmal with him comfortably, and watching her seemed comfortable with CNBLUE boys after only a short period of time, he thought that a change was needed. from that time to the moment where Seohyun was very touched with the goguma field present, he decided that this is the right moment. so he started the push-pull project alone….the staff expressed that everybody knows how pure Seohyun is, but it turns out that Yonghwa is as pure as she is. the staff imagined that he shud have many girl friends, but looking at all the pictures in his cellphone,all are pictures of him and guy friends. and his friends are all pure and innocent…that’s why because of his pureness, he may come up with such immature pull-push act.
KA215 2013-12-7 19:54
chi gu ơi, cậu giúp mình đoạn này tối nay với, thanks cậu nhiều:

Yonghwa played his guitar and sang "Falling Slowly" at Hiroshima.. OMG!!!!!! YongHwa sang Falling Slowly before Lovelight?!!!!!! Oh my goguma heart somewhat told me that he's lurking here...! Maybe he knows that these past few days Gogumas were uncomfortable because of the following reason lately, most of all the unbearable drought!!!!' But here comes " HUBBY YONG" to give us delicious food for our heart!!!! You made us live again!!! Gochun everlasting!! We'll knowing Yonghwa, he really love to do sweet things before he sing Lovelight, reminds me of last year when we are in do much drought until dec.15 during blue night" the epic "my love really came" that moment that Seohyun came to CNBlue concert........ Hmmm, Now was Falling Slowly, on next concert was "Banmal Song" before Lovelight!!!

Do you guys remember that, a few weeks ago, uri Yong sang a Goguma Song out of the blue before Love Light. And now here he is singing Falling Slowly also before Love Light. You Yongie are too much! The fact that he sang both songs "related to Seohyun" before Love Light is just too. YongHwa must be missing Seohyun thats why he sang that all of sudden...oke we understand Yong, you two hardly meet each other, too busy to have a date.....haha

The way Yong sings Falling Slowly until "...for that" is so playful just like how he did it with Hyun in WGM. Yong says he can't remember the lyrics here as well.


Look at the way Yong bring ice cream at red carpet.....because he can do anything for his angel....since wgm, he set high place for husband and YongHwa is greater guardian for goddess angel (SeoHyun)...even he put little denial to do the thing but at last the angel will win, by use her adorable eyes or smile....that guardian can protect the angel any circumstance, as long as the angel happy and enjoy the journey with him, he don't care anything.... he show the joy of world to her....he fallen for that angel because for her honesty and sparkling eye (no wonder, he start to write Love Light for her after the ring mission)...... he already found the angel....he cannot left the angel easily so he keeping on listen to love light until now.....haha.....remember, ep 48 SeoHyun ask him to wear the earmuff to gag concert and he did it for her to make happy.......same thing for the ice cream....Seo is angel and Yong is genie......hahaha
KA215 2013-11-29 18:20
chingu, tối nay nếu đc, giúp mình đoạn này nhé cậu:

after they argument regarding confession in wgm, it's obvious, the way SeoHyun smile.......she got received confession form YongHwa

after Hyoyeon, ask scandal with YongHwa joking?? look at SeoHyun smile, like said to her unnie: "He is still mine", and their body language.....

It's true the dialogue was scripted but there was one line that was surely NOT scripted! When Hyoyeon said to Yonghwa after talking about Yuseob and Eunji pink scandal: "Yonghwa-ssi, is there any way to have such a scandal?" and she pointed at her cheek asking for a kiss..........lol. This moment whatever people say was definitely NOT SCRIPTED! Just look how Yonghwa and Seohyun reacted!!!! Yonghwa became obviously and leaned towards Seohyun while Seohyun was deadly shocked then looked at the camera while smiling nervously lol You guys have to check that moment because it was just too obvious....lol. And even if the dialogue was scripted there's no way Yongseo's body and eyes language was scripted. Seohyun was clearly avoiding to look in Yonghwa's eyes and Yonghwa's just too happy and sticking to Seohyun and making a distance with Hyoyeon. And when Yongseo looked in each other eyes, there, there was the real deal....hahaha. There's also that cute fight between Yongseo about their letters to each other in WGM, if you look at Hyoyeon when they were fighting, you can see her clearly pointing at them with her eyes and smirking.......lol

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